A New Home for the Blog!

Hi there! As you might have noticed, my blog is no longer located at www.thefeministvegan.com. If you were redirected here, welcome home! I will now be blogging under my name on my writer website.

I didn't move the blog because I'm planning to change the content; rest assured, I will still be venting about Mercury retrograde, musing about social justice movements, and giving you my best vegan and travel tips. I moved to a new blog home precisely because I don't want to change my content. I realized that in the year and half since I started The Feminist Vegan, my writing has evolved to cover a wide variety of topics. I originally named my blog The Feminist Vegan because I needed a home for my thoughts on veganism and feminism, but I quickly outgrew those topics and started writing about wellness, mental health, politics, travel, and well, my own life. 

For a while now, TFV has felt like too narrow a name that just doesn't accurately describe everything I write about in this little corner of the Internet. I wanted to adapt the blog to my writing rather than the other way around. In practical terms, that meant moving the blog to my preexisting writer site. Having everything under my name will make it easier for you to find me (I was Sarah Doyel on Twitter and The Feminist Vegan on Instagram, which is just confusing) and also hopefully easier for you to relate to me as a whole person. 

While I am a proud feminist and vegan, my writing is for everyone. Okay, maybe not quite everyone--if you're reading this, Donald, for god's sake just go away--but almost. My goal with writing, especially when it comes to wellness and mental health, is to empower as many people as possible to feel good and care for themselves. The last thing I would want is for anyone to feel like this space isn't "for them" because of the name. 

Practically speaking, this meant taking two weeks off from blogging in order to migrate my content from one site to the other. (Squarespace, it's 2018. Why can't we automatically export content from one Squarespace site to another???) While the process was tedious, it gave me the opportunity, to edit, refine, and reflect on the writing I've done over the past year and a half. I'm very proud of some of my blogs; others made me cringe and hit the delete button upon rereading. Unfortunately, the process means that I wasn't able to migrate any comments with the posts, and the original dates of each post have been lost. So, if you're new around here and worried that I published dozens of posts in August 2018, rest assured: my normal schedule is three times a week. 

I've learned and grown a lot as a writer since starting this blog, and I only plan to make it even better from here on out. So, what can you expect from me?

  • Writing on topics including (but not limited to, because that's the whole point!): wellness, health, mental health, politics, activism, travel/living abroad, and, of course, feminism and veganism
  • Blog posts at least three times a week
  • An updated reading log where I list the books I'm reading (i.e. a built-in book recommender for you all
  • Clips of my published writing
  • And, as always, thoughtful responses from me to all of your comments and questions

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for the new-and-improved blog (including post requests), feel free to leave them in the comments below. I want to hear from you. No, really.

That's all for now, folks. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming on Thursday. Enjoy the dog days of summer!